Dougi BBQ is a specialist BBQ / Jamaican Jerk Pan manufacturing company based in Birmingham, West Midlands (UK). We produce traditional Caribbean style BBQ / Jerk-Pans which are widely used both in the Caribbean and the UK. The Oil drum charcoal BBQ outshines traditional BBQ’s as it is made to last a life time, can retain heat for longer than its competitors and can cook larger quantities and bigger joints of meat safely. 

Dougi BBQ started out as a family hobby which was inspired by our Caribbean roots, culture and a tradition of good company, warmth, sunshine, love, laughter, great food cooked outdoors – tantalising taste buds on a trip to food heaven. We became known in our area as the family to provide excellent, delicious, flavoursome hot food in large quantities at our regular social events. 

Since the design and fabrication of the first Dougi BBQ over 15 years ago, our intention was to build and supply high quality, original oil drum BBQ / Jerk-Pans. We have been selling our BBQ / Jerk-Pans on a word of mouth basis to family, friends and the local community. Prior to this, you could only find home-made drum barbecues at carnivals and festivals.

Due to positive feedback and increasing demands, we launched the Dougi-BBQ in 2014. Our product range became available at independent Garden Centres and Farm Shops, providing more people the opportunity to offer tasty and delicious, al fresco cooked food at their social events, ranging from small family BBQ / Jerk-Pans to large scale catering events. 

We are a friendly, dedicated and skilled team, here to help and advise you every step of the way in making the right choice. We offer a tailor made service and can design a BBQ / Jerk pan to suit individual catering needs.

Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. We are happy for you to come and meet us and discuss your individual requirements. You are very welcome to: view, buy or collect any of our available stock. We would ask if you could please call us beforehand, prior to visiting our offices. We strive to be the UK’s largest BBQ / Jerk-Pan supplier.

The Technical Bit

 The standard Dougi BBQ / Jerk-Pan is made from a recycled oil drum. The process of conversion begins with sterilisation, this is achieved with the cleaning of the interior with a natural organic substance, then the barrel is brought to a heat temperature exceeding 1,000 degrees. We find this not only to be environmental friendly as we use no chemicals in the sterilising process, we also find this method excellent for getting rid of any excess oil particles that may have been present.

Our charcoal Dougi BBQs / Jerk-Pans and Smokers are designed for grilling, cooking and smoking; some of the features allows customers to control the cooking temperature by adjusting the vents and a hinged lid. All the Dougi product range come complete with cooking grills made from a solid 8-gauge mild steel wire (stainless steel wire variety available upon request), carry handles, detachable legs, reinforced coal burning skin, chimney, ventilation and the promise of having a product that will last for years, with a bit of due care. Most of the Dougi BBQ / Jerk-Pan range includes a warming rack to keep cooked food warm without over cooking.  

We undertake bespoke orders for the client who wants something special which is how we came about developing the “Micro” BBQ which can be used on a balcony on a High Rise development and transported in the back or front of a vehicle, and light enough to carry by hand. We thought that all households should have one of these little beauties and have developed various sizes in response to client feedback. We now offer a considerable range to suit all types of budget and most importantly in modern households – space.

We provide a restoration service for clients who have BBQs / Jerk-Pans which have seen better days. Over the years, we have developed a cleaning process that is totally environmentally friendly. This process is applied as part of the restoration service, giving the client a remarkable finish to their product. If you require this service please contact us.